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Congratulations to Bryce Graham on Receiving the 2024 Dorothy Height Social Justice Award

We are thrilled to announce and congratulate Bryce Graham for being honored with the prestigious Palm Beach County YWCA 2024 Dorothy Height Social Justice Award. This recognition was awarded at last month's luncheon, which carried the theme: "Building The Next Generation Of Equity Among Youth."

Bryce was selected for his unwavering commitment and impactful work in advocating for social justice and equity, particularly among our younger generations. His efforts in community engagement and his dedication to creating a fairer society have made him a beacon of hope and a leader in fostering change.

It’s also with great pride that we acknowledge our President, Ms. Annie Ruth Nelson, who was a nominee for the same award. Her nomination underscores the significant impact our leaders have in championing social justice and equity.

Please join us in celebrating Bryce’s well-deserved award and his continued efforts to inspire and build a just future for all. His work not only upholds the legacy of Dorothy Height but also propels forward our collective mission to nurture and empower the next generation.

Here's to building a brighter, more equitable future together!

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