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Legacy365 Spotlight: Everee Jimerson Clarke

Celebrating the Life and Achievements of a Cultural Icon

The African American Research Library and Cultural Center of Palm Beach County (AARLCC) is proud to feature Mrs. Everee Jimerson Clarke as a key figure in our ongoing Legacy365 campaign. Our mission—to honor, preserve, and educate about the rich heritage of African Americans—finds a profound expression in the life of Everee, a woman whose contributions have indelibly shaped our community.

Early Life and Education

Born in Pleasant City, West Palm Beach, FL, Everee was the daughter of Cynthia and William Jimerson, a respected Methodist minister. Raised between Jacksonville and West Palm Beach, she attended Stanton High School in Jacksonville and Industrial High School in West Palm Beach. Inspired by her parents, Everee embraced a passion for community service from a young age, a zeal that extended beyond mere lip service to deep community engagement.

Career and Community Impact

After college, Everee moved to New York, chasing her dream of becoming the first black ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera. She studied at the prestigious School of Dance in New Jersey and the Juilliard School, training under renowned instructors. Returning to West Palm Beach in 1965, she founded the Everee Clarke School of Charm and Dance. Her school became a catalyst for opening doors to finer public facilities in Palm Beach County, leveraging the arts as a bridge to greater societal integration.

Everee’s entrepreneurial spirit shone as she directed her modeling and dance school for over 35 years. Her leadership extended into significant roles, including founding the Tri-County Chapter of the National Business League in 1969 and the Pleasant City Family Reunion Committee, Inc. in 1994.

Preservation of History

In 1987, Everee’s commitment to historic preservation was recognized when she was appointed to the Broward County Historic Preservation Board of Trustees by Governor Bob Martinez. Her passion for oral history and local heritage led to the organization of the Pleasant City Family Reunion Committee in 1993, aimed at preserving the history of Pleasant City, the oldest African American community in Palm Beach County.

Author of Pleasant City West Palm Beach, Everee Jimerson Clarke with Former WPB Mayor Jeri Muoio

While volunteering at the Palm Beach Historical Society in 1994, Everee noticed a lack of interest in black history, particularly concerning Pleasant City. This discovery spurred her to become an active historian and advocate for her community. Over the next three decades, she not only provided numerous programs and services for local youth and seniors but also created a newsletter that kept the community informed about local activities.

Legacy and Honor

The African American Research Library and Cultural Center of Palm Beach County is proud to honor Mrs. Everee Jimerson Clarke. Her life’s work embodies our mission and inspires us to continue celebrating and educating about the significant contributions of African Americans to our community and beyond.


AARLCC’s primary mission is to preserve and perpetuate the history and contributions of the African American communities of Palm Beach County and Florida from their earliest history to the present and into the future that will provide learning opportunities, exhibitions, programs, and events to educate the public and empower our youth for their future.

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